Vanguard - Amoricide mp3 indir

Vanguard Amoricide mp3 indir
Bu mp3 şarkısı 1 yıl önce (16.10.2016 21:35) eklendi ve 90 kere indirildi.
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  • Sanatçı: Vanguard
  • Şarkı Adı: Amoricide
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Vanguard - Amoricide şarkı sözleri

a single lonely soul meets its demise
pledging all the rules it must abide
slave of your hearts, master no more
forget your queen and meet the whore

chains that keep you from hearing your cries
suffocation, the free mind dies
all that's left is dust, echoes of one's lust
jaded hearts collide, shatter side by side

gather armies, dogs of war
insurrection, claim your throne
icy winds blow deep inside
burn all bridges

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